the way i see things

This is my view from where I do dishes. Yup, beyond the glass shutters and thick, black rod-iron bars, lies a decent view really. You've got the rough and broken concrete slabs with patches of dirt and grass in between. And don't forget about that awesome white wooden fence made out of used wood. Oh, and the telephone pole across the street... now that's a beauty. Then you have the bright peach house across the street that I have NEVER seen anyone go into or out of. And last but not least, the white plastic chairs that serve as our patio furniture... that's right people (okay, actually those are chairs from the church that we borrow when we want to sit outside... they don't even belong to us!!!) And the photo didn't happen to capture the always common sighting of numerous stray dogs roaming the neighborhood.

I'm not complaining, please don't misunderstand. I am quite fond of this view. Mommies spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking and doing dishes. I find it peaceful to stand in front of this view... watching people walk back and forth from the little store around the corner. This is my home... and this is my neighborhood. I belong here. This view is the one I want when I do dishes... and I really wouldn't change it even if I could.


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Kristie said...

Lindsey ~

First, thanks for visiting my site. I'd love 40 oranges for $2. I'd settle for 10 oranges for $2.

I also live in the neighborhood that I am sure God has called me to. It is a place that is overrun with poverty, homelessness, alcohol, drugs, prostitution... But it is also where I live.

I also love it here. And I love being in the middle of it all. I love that the people I minister to at church also walk down my street with shopping carts during the day. They know us and where to find us when they are in need. I love being here.

I hope that made some sense.


Kate said...

HEY, we had those SAME glass shutters...minus the bars because our house was up on 10 ft stilts!!! :D Aren't they FUN to dust and clean?? :D