37 Weeks

I'm big. I'm slow. I'm cranky. But it's almost over!
I'm on my way to the OB today... for my now-weekly appointment. They go something like this:

Doc: Lindsey, how are you feeling this week?

Me: Very pregnant. But fine.

Doc: Any contractions?

Me: Unfortunately, no.

Doc- takes a few quick measurements. Well, everything looks good!

Me: Great. See ya next week.

Yeah, super exciting appointments. But at least today I'm off to Walmart after to buy some goodies for my new little guy (ie, diapers, wipes, cream, etc.) And then it's back to work this afternoon!


Our New Bed!

The name of my biz, Sour Apple Studio, is a tribute NOT to apples... I actually don't care much for them... but in fact for the color! I've been obsessed with green for as long as I can remember, and it comes through in just about every way, but ESPECIALLY in my decorating preferences. This time, I think I truly found the most delectable, most delicious green color of all time and I just finished painting our new bedroom and we picked up our new bed (our splurge) this afternoon! It needs some accessories and wall decor, but we're off to a good start!

P.S. the color is Homestead Resort Moss from Valspar... yummy!


Are we the only ones...

who give names to our vacuums?

Our large shop vac is named Larry, and the small hand-held is named Larry Jr. Why? No idea. And the funny part is we don't even realize that it's odd to name your vacuum. Here's an example:

Setting: Anna drops a lightbulb which shatters and spreads tiny glass shards all over the entryway.

MOM: "Eric, Anna just broke the lightbulb! I'll grab her so she doesn't step on the glass, can you get Larry Junior to clean it up?"

ERIC: "Sure, be right back". Eric exits to the garage and then re-enters with the shop vac.

MOM: "No, not Larry... just get Larry Jr."

ERIC: "Oh yeah, just a sec." Eric returns the shop vac to the garage and grabs the hand-held from the closet. Then he proceeds to clean up the glass and return Larry Junior it's home.

Does this conversation strike anyone else as weird? Ha ha ha... I love my family.