Ticks Ticks Everywhere Ticks!

First off, I want to apologize if this post totally grosses you out! If it does... well... welcome to my world! I am completely disgusted by the tick infestation we have! We live in a tropical country, so insects, bugs and other assorted creatures come with the territory. But we also have two dogs... one small one who sleeps inside next to our bed... and one big dalmation who sleeps on the porch. Ever since the dogs arrived, ticks have been everywhere! Our yard must be infested, we are constantly picking ticks off of them. Last night, Scarlet, the little dog, was sleeping on my pillow in the evening. When I got in bed, I decided to check the sheets... just to be safe... and sure enough. There was a little tick crawling IN MY BED. Then during my morning sweeping of the house, I came across several small ones and one HUGE one crawling in the kitchen! My husband has purchased chemical spray for the yard... and now I can only pray that it works! I HATE TICKS!

Addendum: I kid you not, just as I am about to press "Publish Post" I looked down at the rug at my feet and found ANOTHER TICK... you are kidding me right? I'm livin' in a tick farm!!
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