A Must Read for Christian Wives

I have read a ton of books on the subject of marriage and being a godly wife. So many are beautifully written, but without a lot of practical, day-to-day application. I picked up this book, Creative Counterpart by Linda Dillow... expecting much of the same.

I skipped the first couple of chapters and went right to the chapter entitled "My Own Robert Redford". I read the first three pages and then couldn't read any more. I needed to pray.

Eventually I started at the beginning of the book... and the pattern was always the same. Read a few pages, get on my knees, and pray. The harsh reality and scriptural truths woven through every page of this book left me no other option but to cry out to the Lord. First for forgiveness, for not being the wife that he has called me to be. And second for strength to put into practice the incredible and life-changing behaviors I was reading about.

I have completed the book, and have prayerfully begun implementing what I have learned (and let me tell you, my husband has taken notice!). I bought a special journal, and will now begin going through it again, chapter by chapter, taking notes, writing down and memorizing key scripture and pertinent quotes, and praying over every word. There is nothing more important in my life than my walk with the Lord... and he has given me an invaluable ministry... my marriage. I can choose to continue to be selfish and complacent, or I can choose to allow the Holy Spirit to change my heart and transform my marriage. I choose the latter.

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Brianna Heldt said...

oh i'll have to check this one out!