We Love Books

This kid is obsessed with books! As soon as she gets up from her nap, before I even get her out of the crib, she is reaching toward her bookshelf with her little arm outstretched saying "Peas! Peas!"

And her latest thing is to run to the highchair and plead "Up! Up!" She sits in her highchair for 30 minutes looking through books. She'd choose sitting on the couch flipping through the pages of 5 different books over any of her toys!

I just LOVE this kid!

Break's Over!

In an attempt to regain my sanity, I took the entire month of February off from my graphic design business! As much as I enjoyed the freedom, I sure did miss it! Honestly, I am thrilled that tomorrow is March 1, and I am now taking custom blog design orders once again! Please check out my website if you haven't visited before!

Lindsey Joy Design


Eric, Lindsey, Anna & Baby makes FOUR!

We're having a baby!

It's still very early, so please keep this little one in your prayers! I'm about 7 weeks along now, anticipating a mid-October baby. Everything seems good so far, and we had a pleasant first visit to the local clinic where I will be receiving my prenatal care. We feel truly blessed and very excited about our new addition, and we just couldn't wait to share with news with everyone!


My Little Sicky

Poor Eric is really sick today! It started last night, and has progressively worsened. He has spent the entire day in bed like this: (and of course Scarlet never passes up the chance to lay around and do nothing...)



Our poor baby!!! Right after dinner last night, she was in the living room with Eric dancing to her video, and she slipped on the corner of the rug and cut her chin open! At first we didn't think it was a big deal, and she calmed down fairly quickly. But upon further inspection of the cut, I could see the subcutaneous yellow fat globules sticking out!!! So I called my brother for some advice, and Eric and I decided to put her down for the night and take her to the clinic in the morning.
At about 1:30 am, I couldn't sleep for some reason, and I went into to Anna's room with a small book light to look at the cut. It was gaping open even wider than before, so I woke Eric up and we went to Dr. Saturno... at 2 am! I was worried that if too much time passed, they wouldn't be able to properly stitch it up! The Doctor came out of his office rubbing his eyes (we think he was asleep!) and he laid her on the table and covered her face with a drape cloth with a small hole in it which laid over the cut. He injected her with a syringe of anesthetic, and Anna just freaked out. I was laying on top of her to keep her from flailing off the table. Then he put two stitches in her chin, and it was over. The whole thing lasted about 8 minutes, but it felt like 8 hours. My heart was just broken!
Here's the brave girl with her bandages at 2:30am!
When she woke up this morning, I got a good look at her stitches. They look great! And there is no longer stuff coming out of the sore! I'm so glad we took her in when we did, and didn't risk waiting till morning. She fell back asleep immediately and slept until 8:30! Here she is with her new stitches


An AWESOME recipe blog!

In an attempt to simplify my life a bit here, I decided to find more slow cooker recipes. There is nothing more wonderful than throwing stuff into a crockpot and coming back hours later to serve the dinner! I stumbled upon this blog that has tons of neato recipes for crockpot meals, and wanted to pass it on!

We made it!

It wasn't a super fun trip, but it wasn't horrible either. So, Praise the Lord! We're adjusting and resting and trying to get back in the swing of things!

More to come soon...


Headed Back...

Well, our little trip is over and Anna and I are headed back to Panama tomorrow night. It's funny how I long for the states when I'm in Panama, and I long for Panama when I'm in the states. I guess I just miss my husband, and hate these long separations (2 weeks is LONG!) But I'm so thrilled that I was able to spend time with my precious baby nephew and gave my family a little extra time with Miss Anna. The next trip back to California is probably going to be a long ways off, but time always goes so quickly. Please pray for my sanity as I board the red-eye flight with Anna and attempt to lug three suitcases, a carseat, stroller, and diaper bag through customs. I'll be sure to post when we arrive safe and sound! Love you all!


Cooper Michael Davis

My new nephew (and reason for staying in the country this long) arrived yesterday!!! Isn't he a cutie patootie!? Anna and I are driving up there tomorrow to see the little guy! I can't wait!



'Nuggy [nug gee] adjective; To be cozy, comfortable, and warm despite the cold rain outside. To be wearing baggy sweats and fleece socks and being wrapped in a fluffly quilt, happiness. (synonym: snuggy)

For one solid year we have not had the opportunity to be 'nuggy. In Panama, even during the rainy season, the air is steamy with heat and humidity. The closest I've ever come to 'nugginess there is when I wake up very early, take a cold shower, and then put on my moo-moo. Yeah, it's just not the same.

So I cannot even express in words how much we are enjoying the cold, rainy weather here in Southern California. This morning, I brought fleece-PJ clad Anna into my bed with me and we wrapped up in three quilts and cuddled! (Well, I cuddled, she squirmed). I have never in all my life enjoyed the cold more than I have this weekend, and I am not anxious to get back to my tropical home!

I love to be 'Nuggy!


White Lime, How I Will Miss Thee...

I recently fell in love- with a self-serve frozen yogurt shop. We've had many, many visits together... all of which included me stuffing my face with custard vanilla, strawberry cheesecake, or cake batter with Reeses. This sweet relationship can be indulged for a mere 39 cents/ounce. This beautiful shop is a recent addition to the town in which I grew up, and I am not alone in my love affair with White Lime. I go back to Panama in just 7 days, and I will indulge no more. 'Till we meet again my sweet!


Time with Poppy!

Although we were sad to see Eric return to Panama without us yesterday, Anna is definitely enjoying her extra time with Poppy and Grammy!