I stumbled upon Kim's blog today- which is truly inspirational and you must go check it out! I stole this video from one of her postings from a few days ago. You simply HAVE to watch this clip. Too funny! (oh and I do know that hilarious is spelled hi- not ha- my husband was very concerned about this... so I thought I'd clear the air)


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Kim Heinecke said...

Thanks for linking me! I crack up EVERY TIME I watch that video. He has some other very funny ones on youtube. Good, clean humor is so hard to find!

Your blog designs are wonderful. I may have to save my pennies...

forgetfulone said...

Thanks for the great birthday wishes. It was an awesome day!

Christina said...

I've come across you blog and I truly enjoy reading it. I am able to relate to your struggles with balance! Check out Anita Renfroe's 'Don't Breathe' for another great laugh!

Christina said...

Wow, how exciting to have you as my first commentor on my brand new blog! We just moved to Victorville...we are originally from Texas. I'm beginning to enjoy living in California. I think the best part is that we only have to drive a few hours and we can be somewhere fantastic...beach, mountains, vineyards, Sequoia!

Daiquiri said...

That is hysterical! I DO pray that prayer with my kids...and we add "may angels watch me through the night until I wake in morning light". And I told (my son in particular) that the angels God uses to watch over his beloved children are big, strong, WARRIOR angels who protect...not fluffy, little cute angels. He liked it :)

Actually...that prayer holds a special place in my heart. When I was about 8, my mom tucked me in with that prayer as always. After she left my room, I laid there and thought about what the prayer meant. I heard that little voice speak to my heart. The question was simple, "Do you?". I knew exactly what I was being asked. I answered with a heart-felt and resounding "yes". I believe that I've been His ever since!

I guess that's why I pray it with my kids :)