"What's for dinner?"

I always plan the week's meals and grocery shop on Sundays (after church of course!). I use a fabulous weekly planning sheet to organize and map out my week... from my fundamental priorities, schedule, and calendar to my menu and shopping list. I plan to do a whole post on my "Priority Planner", but I want to wait until I know how to provide you with the Word Document I print out so that you can print your own! (Anyone know how to do this?)

Sunday (tonight! yay!): lomo saltado (a Peruvian favorite)

Monday: chicken taco lettuce wraps

Tuesday: spinach stuffed parmesian chicken

Wednesday: bbq chicken & 3 color bell pepper salad

Thursday: whole wheat spaghetti and meatballs & greenbeans

Friday: spinach & lentil soup (I'm trying this recipe for the first time, so I'll let you know!)

Saturday: Pizza Hut (we're having some local kids over for a youth sleepover!)


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Sarah said...

Okay, I live in Peru and don't know how to make lomo saltado! I need your recipe!

The O'Brien Family said...

I can't wait to see your "Priority Planner"...I could use some new ideas in that area!

Oh and there really is a Pizza Hut there?

Lindsey said...

yeah can you believe it? most people can't afford to eat there, but somehow it's still in business and we are very happy (even though we know we shouldn't eat it!)

Stacey said...

That soup looks good! I'll be anxious to know if you liked it and if I should make it. :) Love your new planner!