can i get you a glass of water?

hmmm... just wanted to show you what comes out of my sink. It's not always this bad, but even when I fill up a glass and it looks clear and clean, once it sits for awhile, all the red dirt settles on the bottom of the glass... so I know it's in there either way. But today it was especially pretty water. Are you sure you don't want a glass?

Oh, and in case you're curious, we did drink this water whenever it "looked" clean, for the first 4 months we were here... until we realized it really wasn't clean. So now we have a 5 gallon bottle of water on the counter. Ah good times.


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Simply AnonyMom said...

That looks very similar to the water in myu apartment in Seoul in the mid 90's. It was a blacker tint than your "pretty" pinkish brown.

Kate said...

Oh the joys of living overseas....hey, we had one of those big blue igloos on our counter that had the spigot for easy pouring.....we ALWAYS had to check for EXTRA protein a.k.a. ANTS in our water BEFORE drinking!! I think ours was at least clear....I think....I hope...... ;)

Jayne said...

Ewww! No thanks! :)

Restored 316 said...

Wow! And you still have to wash your clothes in that water right?

I'm glad you are still able to get fresh water in your 5 gallon jug.

Lindsey said...

Yep Lauren, we wash clothes, shower, brush our teeth & cook with that water! Yee Haw!

Daiquiri said...

Um, no. Not thirsty, thanks ;)

forgetfulone said...

The Women is in US movie theaters. It's rated PG13, so it's not for kids, but it's not inappropriate, either. I have a 12 year old, and after seeing it, I would have let her go if I'd had another ticket.

Your water looks terrible! Is it always like that?

Brianna Heldt said...

yummy!!! :)

when we were in ethiopia, the water was really clear. so it was strange to think how sick we could get from drinking it (parasites and bacteria, anyone?), because it looked okay.

and yes, good times. :)