slowing down...

This week has just been flat out too busy. I'm exhausted. You know the expression, 'when it rains... it pours' ? That's how this week has been for me. I was given some projects to do for our ministry here (just a few little things like develop an entire church website, create a complete brochure for the Bible Ministry School, complete and send off the September CC Panama newsletter) on top of launching this blog, running the giveaway and tonight designing and installing the winner's new blog design. I've also just been feeling "blah" and tired... and not sleeping well. In general, I think I have just taken on too much!

But tonight I am turning a new leaf. I have completed the newsletter and brochure. I have a good start on the website (at least I've figured out how to do what I didn't know how to do before), and am finished with the various other design projects that I had going on.

Tomorrow I get to sleep in (Saturdays are my "sleep in day" where hubby does all of my normal morning tasks). I LOVE Saturdays. I get up late. I read my Bible in bed and I don't get up until my baby girl goes down for a nap. I love her to pieces, believe you me, but one morning a week it is so wonderful to stay in my PJ's and just have time to myself (and I think it's fun for Eric and Anna to have some father/daughter time). Plus, I need to prep myself for tomorrow night- we are having a couple of pre-teens over for pizza and a sleepover (these kids live with their entire family in a one bedroom shanty- 4 metal walls and a dirt floor). So to them, my tiny cement house is a palace... and I intend to spoil them with pizza and homemade cookies!

So, here's to rest & my sleep in day! Goodnight!

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Power Up Love said...

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Reagan said...

I am honored that you would want to follow my blog and especially because of my post on abortion. I really feel that this is the direction God wants me to go and your comment was just a little confirmation from Him. (thank you)

It seems that we are alot alike and I have enjoyed "getting to know you"! It is really weird because when I first found your site I saw your profile pic and you look soooo much like one of my best friends! What was even more strange when I read more about you is that you are a missionary. She grew up in Brazil as an MK!

Anyway....I also used to get Saturday mornings to myself but things changed as she got older and as I had another one! Hopefully as my son gets older I will get that time back....it truly is a wonderful time of refreshment. Isn't it wonderful that our husbands are so great to give us this time!

4MalMal said...

wow that sounds like so much to do! I am trying to revamp my site for the longest time! and to think that u r working on a few projects!
I can't wait to see the new website for the winner. Actually I am curious what u used to make the sexy caricature for your site,
You have a very sweet husband and what u r doing for the preteens really touched me.

Restored 316 said...

I hear ya on slowing down! I'm right there with you.

How wonderful for you guys to be able to host a group of teens and spoil them with pizza and cookies. Like I've said before I wish I could be there.

O and how wonderful of your hubby to let you sleep in on Saturday!

God Bless!

Robin said...

Just stopping through. Your blog is very nice, and it looks at though God has really blessed your family. Hope you will stop by and say hello too.

Summer Saldana said...

I just found your blog, and I love it!!!