An Unexpected Surprise

Eric and I were thrilled to learn that we were having a girl. Eric has three nephews and I have two nephews... no girls so far! Our sonographer informed us that she was "confident" that our baby was a girl, but I wanted to be sure. So I searched around and found a reasonably priced ultrasound office that performs elective 3d/4d ultrasounds. I had scheduled the appointment for this past Sunday, and invited my parents to come up and participate. My folks arrived at 2:00 and we drove nearly 30 minutes to the appointment. When we arrived at the medical office, however, there was no one around! The ultrasound clinic was dark and there were no cars in the parking lot. I called the number on the postcard they had sent me, and a woman answered. I explained that I was at the office for my appointment but no one was around. She had no knowledge of me or my appointment and explained that one of the receptionists was new and had made a mistake.

I was so upset at the realization that I was not going to see Anna in 3d! And I felt bad that my parents had driven up just for the occasion. Once we returned to our house, my mom suggested we go to Babies R' Us. Eric and I have been meaning to go in and start a baby registry, but have not been able to find the time. So the four of us set off for Babies R' Us and it ended up being such a fun afternoon and such a blessing to have my mom and dad help us make decisions. My mom made suggestions about things that I had never even thought of! We were able to add items to our registry and feel confident that we were being wise in our choices... Thanks Mom!

My dad was very enthusiastic about this outing as well. He splurged on a few outfits for Anna as well as the froggy mobile that we attached to her crib. Below is a picture of Anna's "nursery" area in our bedroom. Dr. Sears, a respected obstetrician, recommends babies to sleep in the parent's room for 6 months! According to him, studies have shown that babies who sleep in the parent's room are less likely to have complications and are at a much lower risk for SIDS. Since we don't have a choice, we were glad to hear this news!


Ta Da!

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Anna Grace is due on June 25th


Ultrasound Photos!

Our precious baby...

Boy or Girl???

Eric and I just walked in from our ultrasound! The sonographer said that everything looked fine and that she was able to determine the baby's sex! Unfortunately, we can't tell you yet!

My mother is very disappointed that we are not going to wait and be surprised. Thus, she wants us to reveal the baby's sex in a unique and exciting way. And until I figure out how to do that, I'm not going to reveal if the baby is Anna or Isaiah on the blog!

I will try to post the ultrasound photos on the blog soon!


A Class Vote

On Tuesday we have our big ultrasound and will hopefully be able to find out the sex of the baby! So just for fun, today at the beginning of each class period, I took a poll. I told my students our name choices, Anna Grace or Isaiah David, and let them vote on whether they thought the baby was a boy or girl. At the end of the day, the tally was:

Girl = 62 students

Boy = 97 students

The majority of my kids think it will be a boy!... But we have to wait a few more days to find out!


Baby Scare

Today I went to the OB for my 16 week appointment. The nurse practioner attempted to find the baby's heartbeat on a small, hand-held machine with a single speaker. I was disappointed that she did not bring in the sonogram machine, as I love to see the little arms and legs, but hearing the heartbeat would at least reassure me that everything was going okay. After moving the microphone thing all around my abdomen for several minutes, she declared that she couldn't hear anything. She left the room for a few minutes and my heart sank. I was terrified that something was wrong. The whole time she was out of the room, Eric was trying to comfort me but I just kept praying "Please Lord, Please Lord".

A few minutes later she brought in the sonogram machine. After a few seconds of searching, we could see the baby... much bigger than the last time! The arms and head were moving around and I could see the legs bend and then kick the side of uterus! I still can't feel it, but the NP said since it is kicking, it would probably only be a few more weeks until I could feel it. Finally she found the right position and I could see the heart beating. She had Eric stand next to the monitor and point out different features to me... the spine, head, heartbeat, arms, legs, etc. It looks so much like a real baby now. I could even see the leg bones. I am so in love with this kid and sooooooo relieved that everything is perfectly fine!

We go in for our official ultrasound in two weeks and hopefully I will be able to post some pictures. We are also considering going to a 3D ultrasound clinic to confirm the gender and get some neat images of our little one. We'll keep you posted.


New Year's Eve

Eric and I had really been looking forward to attending our church's New Year's Eve party. It started at 6:30 and went until after midnight. We got there around 7, had a great potluck dinner and for a few hours I was really enjoying myself. Eric played dodgeball and sumo wrestling and I just chatted with all the ladies. By about 9:30, however, neither of us could keep our eyes open. We had planned to stay to celebrate the New Year, but we went home, were in bed by 10 and asleep by about 10:02. I did wake up at midnight because someone near our place must have set off a firecracker or something that made a loud pop. Happy New Year! Hope yours was more exciting than ours. I did get some good pics of my wonderful husband proving his manliness (wearing red).