ETC Cards... A FABULOUS Discovery!

Like probably most moms out there, I rarely splurge on something completely for myself. But when I lost my Bible and needed to buy a new one, I thought it would be so fun to find someone to make a custom quilted Bible cover for it! So I went to Etsy, did a search, and viola! I found ETC Cards!


I contacted Stephanie for a custom Bible cover... I picked out my fabric (although she has tons of adorable fabrics to choose from including Amy Butler... love her...) and she was gracious enough to also make me this matching tote (How cute will I be at Bible Study!:) Stephanie has tons of adorable, hand-quilted/sewn items for sale at her store! I've posted some pics of other products below, and wanted to let you know that she is offering FREE SHIPPING to all you guys, if you mention Sour Apple Studio in your notes to seller! I also thought it would be fun to get to know Stephanie and her business a little better, so be sure to check out the interview at the bottom! Thank you girl for making my month!

1. Tell us about yourself!
I'm Stephanie, mother of a toddler, wife to a wonderful husband, nurse by education, Christian by grace, and creative - somehow! Our family recently relocated to Tampa from Raleigh to help a new church in Tampa.

2. Tell us about your products and how you got started!

My mother was quite the crafter and so I think it was kinda ingrained in me to have a knack for crafting. It wasn't until two years ago that I started selling my crafts to friends and family. Last summer, I stumbled upon etsy and oh, how I fell in love! I started off selling cards on Etsy (hence the shop name!), but after I got the hang of sewing, I started offering handmade Bible covers, journal covers, coloring wallets and TRUTHlets. I truly love sewing and have just recently started combining my love for both and started creating fabric cards.

3. What is your favorite part about ETC cards?
I love when others get excited about getting handmade things. Etsy offers such a personal experience and I've gotten to know many of my customers how have given me such great feedback. Knowing that my customers love their products fuels my passion for it even more. And I just love thinking about all my handmade cards making their way around the country and hopefully brightening someone's day!


Whose Kid Is This?

Certainly not mine!? Her Mommy NEVER acts like this!


Long Time No Post

Hello! Anyone still there? I don't blame you if you've abandoned this neglected little blog! I've been a big, fat, loser and haven't posted here for weeks and weeks! But I'm back and have LOTS to fill you in on!

Here's some of what's been going on these past 6 weeks: (In no particular order...)

-We Moved Into A New House with My Folks! YIKES!
-Eric's Mom Had Brain Surgery at UCLA Medical Center! Please Pray for Her!
-I Have a Big, Bulging Belly!
-Eric Enrolled in Nursing School!
-Erin (Eric's Sister) Had a Baby!
-We Got a Membership to the Zoo!
-We Still Have No Car!
-My Little Business is Crazy Busy!
-Eric's Doing LOTS of House Projects!
-We Now Live With FOUR Dogs!
-And finally, I am Sick of Being Pregnant!

I'll have lots of photos and updates coming soon... so thanks to you stragglers who have actually stuck around during my laziness.