The Latest Statistics!

Anna had a doctor's visit today. I absolutely love her pediatrician... she's young but very thorough! At the appointment, Anna was given her first set of shots... three in her thigh and one oral. Poor Baby! I thought my heart was going to break when I watched her sweet little face scrunch up and let out a huge cry. But she made it... and now we are home and cozy.

Here are the statistics at 11 weeks:

Weight: 13.8 lbs (89th percentile)
Length: 26 in (95th percentile)

Everything looks good and she is happy and healthy! (And BIG!!)


Watching "Bambi" in Her "Bumbo"

Anna likes to sit upright, although she is still working on the whole "neck control" issue. She spends a few minutes in the Bumbo each day practicing the art of holding her head up. The only way to get her to look up while sitting, rather than staring down at her hands, is to plop her in front of the television. I swore I would never do this... but alas, she loves it! What can you do? (At least it's Bambi and not CSI)

Some Pics of Eric's last trip to Panama! AUGUST 07

Eric and Shawn... Buddies

Some members of the team: Shawn, Genaro, Eric & Alejandra

Lush vegetation...

La Chorrera (30 minutes outside of Panama City)

The boys...Genaro, Shawn, Eric, Pastor Ray, Pastor Bert


My Happy Girl!

Milestones and updates this month:

Anna is smiling a lot!
She is reaching for and grasping her toys!
Today she even held a toy up in the air! A First!
She talks constantly to her toys with the sweetest cooing you have ever heard!
She has been sleeping all night since 6 weeks!
She is wearing size 6 months!

We are very proud parents!!!



Eric and I have been praying about serving as missionaries in Panama. For several years, we have been doing the necessary preparations at our church... and Eric has been down there twice in the past few months to scope things out. Now it is our turn! Anna and I get to go to Panama in November! Which means she needs a passport! Very exciting!