Tall Friends...

The San Diego Zoo. Eric, 6'4". Giraffe, really big. Awwwww, how sweet.


We're in the USA!

We had no intentions of making a trip to the states again so soon. We were here in July, and expected not to be back anytime soon. BUT, we needed to leave the country again (our tourist cards expiring and we STILL cannot apply for our missionary visas). Both times we took Anna to Costa Rica, she became very sick. And when I found airfare to Los Angeles for a VERY good price, we jumped on the opportunity. Thanks to my parents for helping with the expense, we decided to come to the states for this week. Eric and I enjoyed spending this past four days with our good friends, and cannot wait to go to church on Sunday to see our family at CCSFS. So, the blog may be pretty quiet for the next couple of weeks as we travel and try to spend time with family.

Oh, and PLEASE keep Eric in your prayers. The first semester of the Bible Ministry School in Panama starts on Monday (he's going back Sunday, and Anna and I will head back in a few weeks). We have three American girls coming for the semester- so please pray that the Lord would do amazing things in their lives over the next four months!!!


One year later, & 54 pounds lighter!

Isn't that awesome!?
(Now I just need to catch up on this success!)


Short Term Mission Team!

Calvary Chapel Santa Fe Springs (our beloved home church) sent the first official short term mission team to Panama this past week! It was such an enormous blessing in many ways, but definitely for me personally. I sooooo enjoyed spending time with the girls and was so blessed by the fellowship and fun! They're on a plane headed home right now, and in the days to come I will be sure to post more photos on the Calvary Panama Website. For now, you can check out a summary of the trip and photo of the whole team HERE.


A Few Nice Words...

On a daily basis, I communicate via email with my blog clients. I usually wake up to at least 4, sometimes up to 8 new emails and it continues throughout the day. Although these emails are usually just business, fairly frequently these sweet ladies will write just the nicest things! And I have to be honest, even though I don't know any of them personally, it really, REALLY, makes my day! It's fun to "meet" new people weekly, and it's just so nice to hear very thoughtful & sweet things about my design work, or about our work here in Panama. So, if any of you are reading this... thank you. Thanks for taking the time to say a few nice words to me, a total stranger. You didn't even know that God was using you to bring encouragement and joy into my life down here in Central America.


Some Updates!

We've been having so much fun with Grammy here, that I have completely neglected my poor little blog. All the pics of the week are on Grammy's camera, so I'll just have to give you the highlights...

-swimming in the blow up pool

-making a special trip to the mall (Grammy bought Eric a slow cooker- hee hee)

-discovering a huge and fun pay-by-the-hour play center at Albrook, and Anna learned how to climb like a monkey for $6

-laughing a lot

-eating lemon cake

-being hot, cause Grammy has every fan in the house pointed directly at her at all times

-running out of tank water

-playing with toys- lots and lots of playing

-resting... don't worry fam, Grammy is sleeping in, relaxing in the evenings with her book, and having an all-around good time here in Panama... so don't worry... you'll get her back very soon


Thanks guys!

For the neato tea set and light-up spinny vacuum! I LOVE em!
Anna opens her Christmas gifts from Auntie Kwista, Uncle Tony and the cuzes... Dev & Dyl.