i want! i need!

Okay people, keep in mind that I use my computer for a variety of things each day. I have my blogs, graphic design, and daily ministry projects that I am responsible for that require me to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, MS Word, Powerpoint, the internet, etc.

But my computer is falling apart. I have a standard Toshiba laptop... it's worked out well these past few years. But after having Anna bash her toys on the keyboard and screen a few hundred times,traveling back and forth between here and the states, and just treating it with a general lack of respect & kindness, it is now on the verge of dying.

I only have one functioning USB port... and that is acting finicky lately. My CD/DVD drive is completely useless, and I now have a big ugly external drive plugged into my one usable USB port. The keys are falling out... I have found the letter 'K' in Anna's mouth on more than one occasion (I know, I know... I should keep the whole thing out of her reach... I know.)

And don't even get me started on the unimaginable slowness of my processor. Everytime I go to open a new document, my screen flashes black and white for a few seconds, then freezes, then the file opens. It does the same thing whenever I save anything. Very. Very. Annoying. (And no, it doesn't have a virus, I just scanned the whole thing yesterday).

So we're saving up. Every penny. I don't know how long it will be before I can afford a new laptop... but I'm in desperate need. And so I have begun torturing myself browsing the Dell and HP websites for my dream laptop. I discovered that you can pick a basic model and then CUSTOMIZE IT JUST HOW YOU WANT IT! This may not be news to you, but it's a brand new concept to me and me likey. Did you know that they come in different colors now!!!???

So here it is... my future pal... I hope... one day... soon... maybe...

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Krissi said...

I have a Dell and got to customize it just how I wanted, their tech support is AWESOME! I highly, highly rec. getting a Dell (and no I don't work for Dell, although if they want to pay me to tell people how wonderful their computers are then by all means I would accept the check :) Hope you get a new one soon, what would your readers do if we couldn't keep up with all of the goings on in your life??

Kate said...

OH man, I DO so hope you can save up quickly and be able to purchase that lovely item....it does sound like a big need too though! We had a Toshiba laptop that served us well for about 5 years, took it overseas with us to PNG and brought it home...with RUSTED parts and HUGE DUSTBALLS in it to boot!! :D Let's just say it has recently departed from us and we now have an iMac and love it!! Wonder if you've though about Macs...they do have laptops too! Sorry...am I causing you to be tempted?? :D

Thanks for stopping by....your comments are great! Hope you're having a great week so far!! Blessings... :)

Andrea said...

Happy Saving! I know that feeling! My old desktop was slower than a turtle. I have a Dell Laptop and I don't really like it as much as my new Dell Desktop.

4MalMal said...

I totally understand how u feel! cos mine is giving me the same problem. It is unbelievable how long I have been complaining and yet still living with this dinosaur lappie. I think we seriously need to do something about it. Life is alot better without all these frustrations. Hope u get your new laptop soon :)

Christy Wong said...

For a designer, you should get a MAC book!! Right now I have an IBM since my dad works for them, but I used macbooks a lot & really really want one. So that's what I'm saving up for now...you'll be converted once you get one but it's totally worth it...& it'll be better for those Adobe programs you use.

LuckyMe said...

I don't own a MAC but everyone loves them for artistic work. I was surprised you weren't lusting after a MAC.