i'm alone.
empty house.
clean floors.
dark skys.
glass of coke.


Sarah said...

That DOES sound glorious!

Kate said...

As long as the INTERNET is working, right??!! Awesome, you go girl and go on and enjoy it!! :D

Finleypotamus said...

Clean floors? How oh how did you achieve this nirvana?

Jade said...

wow that sounds glorious to me too.
i won't be alone for awhile coz got family staying with us for vacation.

I need me time;)

Carolyn said...

You describe my perfect day. I'm still hoping for the clean floors though!

forgetfulone said...

What a great poem! And a glass of coke is heaven, sometimes, isn't it? And about my Junie B. Jones books, if you win, I'll be happy to send them to CA. cuz I do love ya. Take care and have a great weekend.