Fun Find!

In celebration of the approaching transition from crib to bed, I am planning to redo Anna's room in big girl fashion! We currently have a fabulous white bunk bed, and I was thrilled to find this quilt set at JCPenny online. Not only was it on sale (approx 40% off), but I also found a discount code that gave me another $30 off at checkout! ( Code is MAYSURV9 = 15% off even on sale items)

I LOVE this bedding and think it was a steal!


1/2 Way There!

Well, I'm 20 weeks preggo today and already counting the days! This pregnancy hasn't been easy so far, but the closer we get to October, the more excited I become. I adore my baby girl, and am soooo excited to bring this little guy home! I feel like he's already a part of things... so I'm happy to have reached the half way point! (And we are 95% sure we've settled on the name...)


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In celebration of the opening of Sour Apple Studio, I am thrilled to offer a $15 discount code to be used on the purchase of any custom blog design package, premade boutique template or custom web design package! Just enter this code at checkout:


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Vegas Baby!

Just FYI- hotels on the strip in Vegas are really cheap right now (probably due to the 100 degree temps)! Eric and I are going next month when he gets home from Panama. I haven't been since high school, but I can't wait to show Eric the Coca-Cola Museum! You pay $2 for a small cup and then you can take coke right from the coke fountains and they have an international soda machine (at least that's what I remember).

Gambling? Nah. Coke Museum? Absolutely. Man, I sound dorky right now.

I also wanted to mention that I booked through expedia and used the code 10MAY to receive $10 off each night's stay... which made the already good deal just awesome. You have to use the code by May 31, but I am just so excited with myself for finding the code, and wanted to pass on the fun.


Sour Apple Studio!

For the past year I have thoroughly enjoyed creating custom blog designs for my wonderful clients! I have felt the urge, for quite some time now, to expand my little design business to offer custom website/e-commerce boutique designs, premade website templates, as well as custom blog designs.

I decided to change the name from LindseyJoy Design to Sour Apple Studio in order to start this newly expanded design business with a fresh, fun name. (Go ahead Chad... make fun) But I love my new name and think I'll keep it!

So while I wait for www.lindseyjoydesign.com to begin forwarding you to my new site, go ahead and just jump on over there and check it out!

Sour Apple Studio




One of the very best things about being back in California, is that now Anna will be able to get to know her cousins! We spent the day at my brother's house yesterday and the girls played together all day! (Little Cooper just watches for now... he's got a few months to wait before his little buddy arrives). I can just imagine the four kids... 2 girls nearly the exact same age, and 2 little boys nearly the same age. So fun!!!


Goodbye Panama...

Eric and I have made the prayerful decision to leave Panama and move back to California. We are so thankful that the Lord led us to serve with Calvary Chapel Panama for a season, and now we are excited as we learn to follow God's leading... even if the timing is different than what we had originally expected.

I traveled back to California nearly two weeks ago with my mom, daughter, 6 suitcases, 5 carry-ons, 1 stroller, 1 carseat and a dog! Eric remains in Panama until mid-June to finish teaching this semester of Bible College and to help smooth the transition.

Since arriving back, I have been filled with peace and blessing (and my morning sickness is finally gone!) Eric is confirmed in our decision, and is also very much at peace with moving on to something new... whatever God decides that might be.

We want to thank all of you for your diligent prayers and support over the past year and half. We truly are blessed to have served for a time, and will always hold the people of Panama close to our hearts. We will continue to pray for the church in Panama and we hope you do the same! God is doing big and mighty things in the hearts of the people there!

In our immediate future, we will settle back in our hometown of Murrieta/Temecula and Eric plans to attend school and I will continue to expand my web design business and enjoy being home with my babies.

We also learned today that the baby we are expecting in October, is a little boy! Eric of course is overjoyed, and I am so blessed that God has trusted us with another precious child! I can't wait to meet my son!

Please pray for our family during this time of transition... it was step of faith to leave our home and move to a foreign land, and it is also in faith that we move back... and wait on the Lord for the next step.