Waiting for Anna

Eric had the day off today, and it was perfect weather for a beach trip. After a yummy cinnamon roll breakfast we packed up and headed to Huntington Beach. The dog beach is so much fun during the summer. Scarlet is not the least bit interested in playing with any other dogs, so she rests comfortably under my beach chair the entire time. But Eric and I love to watch the "real dogs" play in the water, chase balls, and have fun. It's so fun to try and figure out the breed or breed mixes, and is especially entertaining to check out doggie outfits. Today we sat next to two white poodles each sporting a light pink tank top with the word "Princess" in rhinestones! How ridiculous! The water was just beautiful and it felt so good to dive under and jump over the cold waves... Scarlet watched from afar of course!


Lunch With The Girls!

For no particular reason, me, my mom, grandma, sis Mindy, niece Hailey, Aunt Linda, Aunt Laurie and Aunt Jane gathered together for lunch. (Cousin Steph and Kelli are missed!) We spent a relaxing afternoon at Laurie's eating pizza (and the most delicious lemon cake I have ever tasted) and taking turns with Hailey! The ladies in my family are such a blessing!



Absolutely nothing! My due date is almost over with no action thus far... not at all uncommon, especially for first time moms! But the waiting is becoming harder by the minute! I can't wait to hold my baby girl!

I am trying to fill my days to make the time pass more quickly. Today I woke up at 6:45 am, when Eric left for work, and I made cookies. I dropped the cookies off for Eric and his coworkers, and then bought toilet paper and a few other essential items at Target. At 9:30 I picked up my friend Emily, who is 7 months pregnant with twin boys, and we headed to Starbucks for a snack and a good long visit. In a few months, when we want to hang out, there will be 5 in all!!! After dropping Emily off at home, I went to Mervyns, to the post office and to the grocery store. I cleaned up our place a bit just in time for Eric to arrive home. We took a nice long walk and then I packed Eric's lunch for tomorrow and began to make dinner. At 5:30 we headed to Kaiser for an Infant CPR class- which ended about an hour ago. Whew! Now I am going to read and rest up for tomorrow- which will also prove to be a busy day, starting with a very unfortunate but semi-emergency trip to the dentist! :(

So keep checking up... hopefully it won't be long before we DO have something to announce!


Anna's Cousin

Hailey is now 8 weeks old and I finally got to meet her! My brother and his wife moved to Southern California this past weekend, and I am so in love with my new niece- and Anna's cousin. I can't wait to see the girls play together!!! Isn't she beautiful?


Hobbit Feet

Okay, I am almost 38 weeks along now and I am PUFFY! I am puffy in my feet and ankles (cankles I should say), my hands, wrists, and my face a bit. I don't mean to gross anyone out with this picture of my yucky feet, but I could resist posting it.
My loving husband made this comment last night right after I took this photo. "All you need is a little hair on your toes and you'd be a hobbit".
Last night my friend and I took a breastfeeding class at our local Kaiser. When I walked in, the nurse practitioner who taught the class rushed over to me and poked my face. She asked if I felt ok, if I had frequent headaches, blurred vision, etc. Then she turned to my friend and asked "Are you friends, do you know her?" My friend nodded. Then the nurse proceeded "Does her face always look this round and puffy?" THANKS A LOT!
So there you have it- I have hobbit feet and a fat face.


It's the Little Things...

I have been on maternity leave for almost two weeks now... and I am loving every minute of it. I know that when the baby is born, I won't be able to get very much done, so I am trying to be very productive right now. This morning I finished steam cleaning the carpets in our place. The last time I cleaned the carpets was 6 months ago... but wanted to make it fresh again before Anna arrives. I receive so much satisfaction as I pour out dirty water and know that it is no longer in my carpet! I'm pretty sure the carpet in our place is very cheap, but after 3 years, it looks almost brand new after being cleaned... it is so AWESOME! Just wanted to share the little things that bring me great joy!


The Portrait of a Princess

Before our new baby arrives, we wanted to pay tribute to
our first baby, Scarlet. We adopted Scarlet from the Downey
Animal Shelter on February 7, 2005. In the past 2+ years,
Scarlet has been a faithful companion... spoiled and bratty...
but faithful.