it's raining, it's pouring (but there's no old man snorring)

It's really coming down right now. The sky is dark, so the lights are on in the house even though it's only noon. The sound of the torrent on my metal roof is deafening, and the powerful explosions of thunder & lightening are awe inspiring. These frequent downpours are one of my favorite things about living in a tropical land. Something about rain makes me feel creative, energized and motivated. Weird, huh? These downpours also bring the respite of cooler temperatures and gentle breezes, and much needed relief from the deplorable heat and humidity of Panama. It's a good morning here on Calle Principal, Villas Del Campo in La Chorrera. Does anyone else find a good rain to be so peaceful and rejuvenating?


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Simply AnonyMom said...

I live in WA. It rains all the time. Usually it is a thick misty rain. It rarely has the downpour that makes everyting fresh and new again.

I remember living in Seoul Korea during monsoon season. The rain was heavy and hard and would come out of nowhere, and then leave like it was never there. It always was a refreshing break (although it was horrible doing outside military drill sin the monsoons). I miss rain llike that.

R.L.Scovens said...

I love when it rains, but here in Texas we're always watching for a darn Tornado whenever it rains!!!

Sarah said...

I love love love the rain! Here in Chaclacayo it sprinkles maybe (MAYBE) three or four times a year. Coming from Florida where it rains (thunderstorms really) every afternoon during the summer... I miss it a lot!

Reagan said...

I am totally with ya girl! I love, love the rain....it is so peaceful. I also like it because it helps everyone sleep!

cjoy said...

Yes--I absolutely love a good rain, but there are rains that are dreary instead, too, and those I do not enjoy.

Breanne said...

Hi - I love the rain on days when I do not have to do anything and I can sit and watch it. Let my daughter play in it.

Your blog is so cute. Wow - Panama! That must be amazing and scary at the same time. My brother in law is a music minister at a Calvary Chapel.

Thank for stopping by today!

forgetfulone said...

Are you getting our hurricane rain? I hope not! I finally have internet back. And your old man isn't snoring because he is here, upstairs, in my house, snoring!