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I am a crafter at heart. When I was a kid, I used to make silly little things and sell them in front of the grocery store (thanks Mom for supporting my early endeavors in the craft world!)

As an adult, I have continued to be a crafter... although now I try to make crafts that have an actual purpose... you can only do so much with a figurine made out of salt dough... know what I mean?

Although my many craft projects bring much needed therapy and relaxation to my life, they also bring lots of supplies! When I get involved in a hobby, I like to have ALL the supplies. I love to quilt- and stacks of fabric and quilting tools, not to mention my sewing machine, have taken over the closet in my husband's office. When I started scrapbooking... about 10 years ago... I slowly began accumlulating large quanitites of stuff (you can never have enough embellishments!) I also love to make jewelry, bows, sew bags & clothes, paint, draw, the list goes on...

When we first moved to Panama, I realized that I needed to find hobbies that didn't require so much stuff! (You can't buy a ton of scrappy embellishments on a tight missionary budget!) In my search for other ways to satisfy my need to craft, I discovered graphic design. I discovered a whole new world of digital papers, designs, embellishments, etc. I learned Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and then began tinkering with Dreamweaver... web design software.

I began designing scrapbook pages in Photoshop, and then discovered I could create images for birthday invitations, baby announcements, etc. I moved on from there (with the help of a very talented friend and learned web design and blog design.

I am IN LOVE with graphic design... more than any other hobby I have ever taken up. And the beauty of it??? NO SUPPLIES! Just my computer and a little quiet time.

I did this blog design (Mommy Chronicles), as well as The Tharaldson Family Blog, This Is Our Family, and a few others that I will post in the future.... (I have to get dinner started right now). But for now I wanted to announce that very soon I am going to start offering freebies and hold a contest for a free custom blog design!

So..... check back soon for the blog design giveaway entry rules and more samples of my work!

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