Prayer Requests

We leave tomorrow night for Panama City. We are taking the red eye... which is great if you can sleep on airplanes- and terrible if you can't. We will be in Panama for 5 days, arriving home late Friday night. I am extremely anxious about being away from Anna. I am worried that I will miss her so much, that I won't be able to concentrate on the task at hand. But I know that I must go on this trip... that the Lord has many things to show me, and so, in pure obedience, I will go and pray that God will strengthen me emotionally while I am away from my baby.

The main purpose of this trip is to search for housing. The other couple, Bert and Vero, will also be looking for a place to live. We need to find two houses near each other, as Bert and Eric will be sharing a car... at least for awhile. We hope to move in January, and to have our housing all arranged prior to our arrival.

Here is a list of prayer requests for this trip. If the Lord leads you to pray for us, we would greatly appreciate it!

1. Safe travel
2. Emotional strength (for me!)
3. That the Lord would lead and guide our steps as we look for housing
4. Ministry opportunities as they arise
5. Confirmation and peace- that our plans and timing are within God's will

Thank you to all of you who tell me that you are checking our blog and praying for us as we begin this huge transition! We love and appreciate all of you so much!


Anna- the Headband MODEL!!!

When Anna was a newborn, I found a terrific website that sells beautiful headbands for babies! I was so thrilled by the headbands, that when I recently placed another order, I also submitted Anna's photo. The company just sent me an email that they decided to use the photo on their website!!! Click on the link to see Anna modeling one of her adorable headbands!



The Latest Statistics

Anna had her 4 month Doctor's visit this past week. She received another round of shots... which is just heart wrenching to watch! Our pediatrician says Anna is in great health which is wonderful news! Here are the latest statistics:

Weight: 15 lbs, 11 oz. (80th percentile)
Height: 27.5 inches (way off the charts!)

It looks like Anna is already taking after her daddy! When she's all grown up... I think I'll be looking up to her!


Various Happenings

It's been awhile since I have had the opportunity to post. These past two weeks have been so busy!

Two weekends ago, Eric and I joined our friends, Faith and Jeff, for a day out in San Diego to celebrate Eric's birthday. We walked around Balboa Park, toured the "Dead Sea Scrolls" exhibit at the Natural History Museum, and took the Orr family's dingy out in the San Diego Harbor for a little cruise! It was a long but very fun day!

Last weekend, Eric and I dropped off the baby at my parents house so that we could go to the Marriage Retreat with our church. It was so hard to leave her, but I knew that if we didn't go away, I would regret it! A wonderful couple at church sponsored our weekend, and we were so blessed to spend time together and have a chance to focus on our marriage and friendship.

In these past few days, we have torn our little place apart in an attempt to sort all of our belongings! I would have posted sooner, but I couldn't find the laptop under all the piles of stuff! But we managed to fill our back patio with boxes for the Goodwill. We will be moving out of our place next month, and we only want to keep the absolutely essential items... it is so refreshing to purge and pare down our "stuff". It's amazing how much we accumulate that we don't really need!

I am also trying to get ready, physically and emotionally, for our trip to Panama. We had always intended to take Anna along, her passport even arrived a few weeks ago... but upon further evaluation, we decided that it would be best for Anna if we left her with my parents. She did so great at their house last weekend, and she would be so much more comfortable there, as opposed to lugging her around in a stroller for 5 days. We have much to accomplish on this trip, and poor Anna would have no toys, no crib to nap in, no schedule, not to mention two long flights! So, despite my breaking heart, I will be leaving on this trip without my baby! I am eager, however, to see what the Lord will show us on this short trip. We will leave on Sunday, November 25 and return on Friday, November 30.

Today, after Anna woke up from her morning nap, I decided to have a little photo shoot fun! It didn't last long, but I managed to get a couple cute shots!

Whew! It's been a busy but fun couple of weeks... and it's just going to get busier!


I Remembered This Year!!!

Happy Birthday Eric!!!

Twenty-six years ago tomorrow (Nov.2), my wonderful husband was born! He grew up in Beaumont and moved to Temecula in the 5th grade. In 6th grade, he attended Temecula Middle School (as did I)! For the next 7 years, we attended the same schools but never met until April of our Senior year of High School. After high school, Eric enrolled as a student at Calvary Chapel Bible College. He completed several semesters at the Murrieta campus, and was one of the first American students to take a semester in Lima, Peru. He also spent a year in Red Wing, Minnesota learning how to repair band instruments. He is a wonderful, devoted, and loving husband and father and I am proud to be his wife!

I want to take this opportunity to publicly confess that last year I forgot about his birthday. He got up and went to work without so much as a "Happy Birthday" from me. Sometime, mid-afternoon, I did remember and gave him a quick call. In my defense, I was deep in the throngs of morning sickness, being about 7 weeks pregnant at the time. I did nothing to celebrate Eric's special day... no special meal or cake (just the thought of food sent me running), no gifts, not even a card! So, honey, I'm sorry about last year... but this year I am the first one to say "Happy Birthday Eric!" I love you.

A Tribute to Grandma

Grandma last night on Halloween...

This is a list of just a few of my favorite "grandma memories"...

1. Many, many, shopping trips to the mall!
2. Playing "office" on her old-fashioned rolltop desk.
3. Sitting in an empty beauty salon chair, watching as she got her permanent set and dyed orange.
4. Strawberry Shasta floats.
5. Eating a slice of American cheese before bed.
6. Trying on her plastic body cast.
7. Bowling!!!
8. She always had the little square pieces of gum with jelly in the center.
9. Walking around the mall before it was open.
10. She always had lots and lots of coloring books!

Love you Grandma!