A Surprising Success!

I love to sew... but I have never attempted to make clothes before! My usual projects include quilting, making bags, blankets, pillows, etc. But I decided that I wanted to make Anna's Christmas dress this year. I bought a pattern and some fabric, and spent an entire day trying to read and understand the pattern. After many hours, the dress actually turned out pretty good! It is a little big, but hopefully by Christmas it will fit just right. I am about to start my second dress, and I have a feeling it will go much faster now that I have the pattern figured out! I wonder what kind of fabric I will be able to find in Panama!???


A Whole New World!

Anna finally figured out how to roll! For several weeks now, when I have laid her on the floor on her back, she would roll onto her side (mainly so that she could see the TV). But just yesterday, she truly started rolling onto her tummy! Now whenevery I place her on her back, it's only a matter of seconds before she rolls over! She hasn't quite mastered rolling from her tummy to her back... although she has done it in her crib a few times! It's so fun to see her learn new things!


The Happiest Place on Earth!

I did a report on Walt Disney in the 4th grade. On the day that I was scheduled to make my presentation to the class, I actually dressed up like Walt Disney (I have elected NOT to share those pics with you). My childhood is filled with memories of Disneyland... insomnia the night before we were going, the joy and excitement of all the rides and attractions, and the sheer exhaustion after we returned home.

My nephews, Devon and Dylan, have the month of October off school... the blessing of a year-round schedule. My mom decided to take the boys for their first official Disneyland trip together. Devon is 8, and Dylan is 5... the perfect ages to be swept away by the magic of the happiest place on earth. Eric and I were thrilled to go along and be a part of this childhood milestone.

Mommy, Daddy, and Anna at "It's a Small World" ride

Anna is mesmerized by the sights and sounds of one of Disney's oldest and most humble attractions. (I'm going to be singing the "It's a Small World" song for days...

Grammy shows Devon and Dylan the Matterhorn.

Dylan makes himself sick with cotton candy... (okay, who are we kiddin? Grammy and I had a bunch, too!)

Dylan and I waited 30 minutes to meet Mickey!

Anna can't contain her excitement...

Sugar and air.... YUM!

Dylan didn't mind posing for a photo here... but only after I explained to him that this whale was not real...

Eric sacrifices himself to take the boys on the tea cups...

After being tricked into going on Space Mountain, Dylan harbors some bitterness until we let him pick the next ride... ta da... we waited over 20 minutes to ride around in a circus train.

Anna's not sure what's going on... what is "Disneyland" anyway???


My Latest Project

I like to have at least one project going at all times. Usually, I am working on a quilting or sewing project. At the moment, however, I do not have the $ to go buy fabric to start a new quilt, so... I walked around Michael's for awhile trying to think of a fun, yet inexpensive project that I could work on when I have some free time. I like doing crafts, but I don't want to make things just for the sake of making them. I want my projects to have some purpose and usefulness in the real world. So after a nice cruise around the store, I was inspired! I decided to make Anna (and the other future rug rats) a set of fun magnets. I found bins upon bins of small, wooden cutouts... everything from trees, cows, and crocodiles to planes, cars and sailboats. At the jolly good price of 5 for $1.00, I gathered a large collection of objects and creatures, as well as a can of glossy spray finish, and headed home. I already had many paints and brushes at home, so I was able to spend just a little mula and get started on my new project right away. I have finished a few of them, and am very excited about how they are turning out. When Anna is older, I hope she will enjoy using her magnets on the refrigerator, and anywhere else that a magnet will stick! (My mom and I already tried, and magnets will stick to some lamps, the stove, and even the cabinet hardware....... who knew???)

Groovin' in the Jumperoo!

Anna spends lots of time movin' and groovin' in her new Rainforest Jumperoo. She jumps and dances and spins until she gets too tired, and then she just puts her head down to signal that she is satisfied. (Sorry the image is so dark, still trying to figure out how to get better lighting!)


Cousin Bonding

This week, Anna got to spend some quality time with her cousins, Devon and Dylan. Devon, who is 8 years old, was so great with Anna. Everytime he walked into the room where Anna was, he would wave and say "Hi baby Anna!" He was constantly trying to play with her and take care of her... so cute!!!

I left Anna in Devon's care for a few minutes, while I was doing the laundry. When I came back into the room, I found that Devon had gotten down right next to Anna so that he could keep a close eye on her.


I Found My Thumb!!!

This week, Anna has taken to sucking her thumb. She also reached down to play with her feet for the first time yesterday. It is so neat to watch her discover and enjoy new things! This morning, we went out for a stroll and rested on a grassy hill... I took this pic of Anna relaxing in the shade... sucking her thumb.



On Saturday we headed to the LA County Fair. We didn't end up arriving there until 5 pm, just as the sun was getting low in the sky and it was cooling off. It was so fun to bundle up and enjoy the cooler weather after a hot summer! The highlight of the fair was the Maternity Barn. It was so sweet to see the newborn babies! In one pen, newborn sheep babies were just learning how to walk... taking a few steps and then falling. The mama sheep would walk behind their babies nudging them to get back up.... so cute! In the pig pen, little pink piglets were running after their mom trying to get milk. Their little curly tails are adorable.

Then on Sunday, we had a church Baptism and BBQ at the Aquatic Center. We took Anna swimming... she didn't smile or laugh, but she didn't cry either... :)