Our Little Ladybug

Anna had a great time dressing up as a ladybug and trekking around the neighborhood collecting candy (she loves sugar just like her mama!) And she wasted no time digging into her candy bucket! What a cutie!!!


It's Official!

Eric is in his third week of nursing school and is off to a great start! He leaves the house at 6:20am everyday and is gone all day. With a test (or two!) every single day, he's studying hard and so far has all A's! It's been a little nuts around here with a newborn and a new school schedule, but we're adjusting and just trying to have lots of grace with each other!


Anna and Asher

Check out the hair... this is Anna (left) and Asher (right) both at about 2 weeks old.
Crazy! ...And NO, I did not do anything to style the hair... this is al natural.


Asher David Tharaldson

was born on October 8th, 2009 at 6:31pm, weighing 7lbs 12oz, 19 inches long.

The Birth...
I felt my first contraction at 8:30 that morning, on my way to Kohl's for a last minute shopping trip (did you know I LOVE Kohls?) Anyways, my contractions came steady for the next several hours, and by lunch I was in pretty serious pain about every 5 minutes. I struggled for the next hour to pack a hospital bag and prepare things for a baby that I NEVER expected to come a week early considering Anna was so late.

By 3pm, we decided to head to the hospital, although I didn't feel that I could have progressed far as the pain was much less significant than I had with Anna. The nurses immediately checked and announced that I was 5 cm dilated, 80% effaced. I feared that receiving the epidural would halt my progress (as it did with Anna) so I continued to decline their offers to get the anesthesiologist. For two hours I stood next to the hospital bed, bracing myself against the table during each contraction. Around 5pm, 2 hours after checking in, I sent Eric off to go get some dinner and proceeded to lay down in the bed.

My wonderful Doctor came in at that point, and checked me... and announced, to my utter shock, that I was at 8cm, and she proceeded to break my water. At that point, the contractions were painful, but still manageable... not at all the horrendous, mind-blowing horror that I endured for hours with Anna. Once she had broken my water, however, the contractions became more intense, and I was told that it was still possible to receive the epidural (Praise the Lord!) I called Eric, who rushed back to the hospital, as well as my mom who was able to leave Anna with Poppy and come over for the birth. I received the epidural and about 40 minutes later was ready to push. I pushed literally twice or three times, and out he came!

The entire experience was vastly different than my first delivery, and for that I am very thankful. After 23 1/2 hours in the hospital (and a little pleading) we were released to go home.

This past week has been a blurr... the first few nights were long and hard. We've settled into a routine now, and nursing is going well and I'm actually getting some sleep! Eric began his first week of nursing school, so he has been sleeping in another room so that he can get plenty of rest... he's already had 3 tests the first week!!! (That's another post...)

Eric and I are so in love with our baby boy... and it is such a miraculous blessing that God has gifted us two beautiful, healthy children. I am enjoying each moment with this little guy, and he's already starting to grow and change- I wish I could freeze time!

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