We recently planted spinach in our backyard because 1) we're trying to become healthier people and 2) to save money. I was very excited about the idea of going out back and plucking spinach leaves to use in a meal. Our spinach, however, is YUCKY! It doesn't taste like the spinach back home... it's incredibly potent and bitter and basically gaggy. Hubby did some research, and it turns out that wild spinach, when grown in hot and humid climates, develops a much stronger and more bitter taste. So I need help. I am determined to begin incorporating our fresh spinach (no matter how gaggy) into dinners... but I am having a hard time finding tried and true recipes involving spinach. We need to develop a tolerance for it before we can just start eating it as a salad. We just aren't there yet. Any spinach recipe suggestions?


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Simply AnonyMom said...

I think cooking it should cut back on the acidity, right? I know I have a recipe on my cooking blog for turkey meatballs that are really good. You can substitute any meat.

Hopefully you get lots of yummy recipes and that the spinach dilema ends quickly

Lindsey said...

thanks, i'll go check your archives!

Carey said...

I agree with cooking it down. What if you add it to a lasagna or stuffing it in a chicken breast? I would assume that having other foods cooked with it would mellow the taste a bit.

Then there's always spinach and artichoke dip...not the healthiest thing...but yum! :)

cjoy said...

I love a good spinach and cheese quiche...pretty easy to make:

--2 Premade crusts in pie dishes
--6 eggs
--10 oz frozen chopped spinach (for you, cooked down and drained really well; equivalent to a small box of frozen veggies--approximate would be fine)
--1 small can evaporated milk
--8 oz cheddar cheese
--1/4 cup parmesan
--1/2 to 1 tsp salt
Split between the two pie crusts.
Bake for 40 minutes at 350*.
Freeze one if not using it.

I don't know how your resources are, but I have another dish that uses crescent rolls with chicken, red bell pepper, spinach, mayo and cheese...also super yummy. (Let me know if you want that recipe.)

Lindsey said...

Crystal, your recipes sound delicous! But I can't get premade pie crusts or crescent rolls! I might just have to make pie crusts from scratch... if I'm feeling really motivated! Thanks so much! Can I share this recipe as a blog post?

Stacy said...

My family loves my Chicken Pasta Florentine. It is very healthy as well.

Just boil some penne noodles in chicken broth. I use the lower sodium and 98% fat free kind. I would use 3-4 cans, and sometimes add 1-2 cans of water. Just depends on your taste. Once the noodles are al dente, add a few handfuls of fresh spinach. Once it is wilted down, put it in a bowl, and add a nice grilled piece of chicken that has been cut up on top. There you go. I don't really measure anything, just taste it along the way and add more broth or water. Hope it helps!

Paige said...

What about cooking it like you would turnip or collard greens. Boil in water until tender and then serve with vinegar (cider or green pepper vinegar). I like to throw in some pork bouillon for flavor. Good luck!

Brianna Heldt said...

oh no! how interesting. i use spinach in omelets, in manicotti, lasagna, i put it in the kids' cottage cheese...basically you can add it to all sorts of things i think.

mmmmmm, these recipes everyone has shared are making me hungry!

Lindsey said...

Paigy, I've never had turnips or collard greens... (you really are married to a Southerner, aren't you!?)

Paige said...

Haha! Guilty as charged!