We're Off to DC!

Okay, even though it is freezing and snowing/raining in Washington D.C., Eric and I are heading out there on Thursday! We are going to be staying with Paige, my roommate from sophomore and junior year of college, and her husband John. They are expecting their first child in May and I can't wait to reconnect with them! Stay tuned for pictures and stories!

Anna's Changing Table

I know this is extremely trivial, but I am just so excited about the changing table we ordered. I love this changing table and have been shopping around for the best price. Target sells this piece for $70 less than the company who makes it- so of course I had to get it! No more excuses.



The pics are a little blurry, because I took a picture of my computer screen! (I'm not very technological!) We had a great visit to the Unique Ultrasound clinic. Eric, and my mom and dad, were able to watch the 15 minute session on a 6ft x 6ft screen in nice comfy chairs right next to me as the ultrasound was performed. Our DVD is just beautiful and set to wonderful music- a special treasure we will always cherrish. We were also able to see very clearly that Anna is indeed a girl! No question about it! As I am only 22 weeks along, she doesn't have cute chubby cheeks yet, weighing in at only a pound. We may have another 3d ultrasound done later to see how she has changed! But at this point, I just can't wait until June! Grow baby Grow!


Half Baked!

Belly Shot- 20 weeks