Our big girl!

I'm nearly in tears writing this (must be the preggo hormones) because I can't believe my little baby girl is sitting at her very own table coloring! We knew it was time because she always wants to sit at the kitchen table to color... so today we did it. We spent the entire day searching the mall for a plastic table and chairs, and FINALLY found one old dusty box at El Machetazo! (What is with this country!?) Anywho, we also found this great rug for $7 at Conway, and I'm just delighed. Anna is thrilled of course, and is happily coloring away as I type!


Anonymous said...

She is so cute sitting at her big girls table and coloring :) they sure grow up fast :) hope pregnancy is going well!

Brianna Heldt said...

SO sweet!!! My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE to color and draw...wishing Anna could come over and join 'em!