Two years ago I felt a tiny crack in my filling. I went to the dentist. I asked him to fix it. He said "Nah, it's fine."

Hmmmm..... guess who now needs a root canal because of a crack in the filling???? ARG.
Wish me luck, I go in tomorrow.


Jenn said...

I had this same thing happen to me! Sucky dentist. Watch it because now I have a hole where once was only a tooth with a simple crack. Sucky dentist.

faith said...

jeff had to have one of those over last christmas break. he was pretty nervous about it as he hates the dentist. but it actually went really well- said the nitrous was awesome. haha! why do some dentist use that and others (namely MY past dentists) insist on sticking needles in your gums? what did you have?