Giving Blood

In the states, we have a blood bank. If you're in the hospital and you need a blood transfusion, the doctor will order it from the stores already gathered from volunteers (Eric and I always give blood when we have the chance!)

But here in Panama, if you are in need of blood, you must personally find people who have the same blood type as you, and recruit them to come to the hospital that you are in, and donate directly for you.

Eric just left, with a few other people, for a hospital in Panama City where our good friend Gloria is undergoing a variety of procedures due to cancer. Her prognosis is not good, and we are lifting her up in prayer daily. She has a husband, and two children- ages 10 and 6.

Her blood type is O+, which thankfully is a fairly common. Eric has this type, as well as several others who were in church this past Sunday when Gloria's husband, Andres, got up to ask for volunteers. This is the second time that Eric has given blood... he did the same a few months back for another lady at church who was having surgery.

There is so much about the U.S. that we take for granted until we experience life without. The health care here in Panama is actually pretty modern compared to so much of the world, and for that I am truly thankful.

Please keep Gloria in her prayers as she battles for her life. Our God is much bigger than cancer!

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