Four Generations

I don't know why I didn't post this earlier, but this is a photo taken in mid-February during our visit to see GGma. Anna and I were in the states for three weeks, and the girls in my family spent the morning visiting with Grandma.

I love this photo because it subtly reveals little truths that only we know. For instance, it's obvious that my sister hates having her picture taken (not). My mom is making the face she makes in all photos... and we're just not sure why. Anna isn't cooperating so I had to tickle her- observe the laughing. My eyes disappear as usual in my round face. And as for Grandma, she's not even sure why she's smiling. Oh yes, I love this photo.


The Davis's Downunder said...

Hi Lindsey....I enjoyed looking at this picture very much ! When my mother was alive and in care we spent many many hours visiting. They were times I treasure. How old is Lorraine (GGma) now?
Enjoy your down time with Anna at her little school. You are sure to be thrilled with her descriptions of the various activities she will love.
Take care of yourself. Love from your aunt and uncle 'downunder'.

Brianna Heldt said...

ha your descriptions made me laugh out loud!!!!!!! what a wonderful picture!

Crystal said...

I too loved your descriptions of the photo, HA! HA! You have a beautiful family~