The Orginal Backnobber II

About two years into my college routine, I started developing knots in my back between my shoulder blades. Hours and hours bent over lab tables and microscopes and textbooks will do that I guess! I discovered early on that I had trigger points, that when pressed cause radiating pain down my arms and even legs! A few months ago, I ordered this neato Backnobber from a website- a purchase out of sheer desperation... as often the pain is so intense it prevents me from sleeping. I decided to post a photo of my little contraption, because I am just so pleased with it (and I thought you'd get a kick out of it)! It hangs right next to my desk, and I use it often!!! It really does wonders and brings immediate relief... finally!!

Bottom-line: Don't knock the Backnobber!


Crystal said...

Thanks for sharing this! I have similar back pain and it is so bad currently. You may have just sold me on it : )

Pressure Positive said...

Thanks for posting such kind words about The Backnobber II. We are very pleased that you find it helpful and appreciate the mention.

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