My Thankful Thanksgiving List of Thankfulness

I have much to be thankful for today and everyday! But here's my top 20:

1. My salvation in Christ.
2. My loving husband- a truly good man.
3. My beautiful daughter.
4. My supportive family who I miss very much.
5. A house that doesn't leak when it rains.
6. An abundance of food to eat and clean water to drink.
7. A ministry that is blessed of the Lord.
8. My computer- not sure I could live without it.
9. The internet- also not sure I could live without it.
10. Baby Einstein videos that always do the trick when nothing else works.
11. Worship music
12. My dog Scarlet- even if she did roll in trash yesterday
13. The highchair- cause feeding a toddler elsewhere is just a disaster
14. My work station built by hubby... my own private area and I love it.
15. Skype- which makes the world a much smaller place for me.
16. Pizza- hec I just can't help it, okay?
17. My camera which allows me to capture this bizarre life we live in photos.
18. My broom & mop- helping me keep my sanity once to three times per day.
19. Los Chinos- the little store around the corner which always seems to have what I need when I run out of something.
20. Pricemart- because every once in awhile it's nice to go see other Americans (and buy goldfish crackers).


Sarah said...

And I'm thankful for YOU!

Lindsey said...

I love this design and the title of your blog. :-)

Hey, I had a Collie I named Scarlet when I was a teenager. :-)

God bless!

Firefly@www.firefly-shop.org said...

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Maggie said...

LOVE IT, Lindsey!! You did a great job - looks awesome!!

Hope you guys had a happy Thanksgiving!! =)