My First Thanksgiving in Panama!

We decided to bring America to Panama this year, and cook a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. We had two large turkeys, and a variety of other dishes... there was lots of food! And it was a good thing... as we had more than 60 (SIXTY!) people come to the church on a rainy Thursday evening to share in this holiday with us. Pastor Bert first shared the history of Thanksgiving and it's significance to us as Americans. Then we ate. And ate. And ate. (It was just like back home! :)

I'll admit, that the 5 minute video call to my family back home in the middle of the evening was probably not the best idea. I had to take a 20 minute "break" in the other room to have a good cry before I pulled myself together and enjoyed the rest of the night. But it was a blessing to share my traditions (and food) with our new family here... even if not a single person liked the candied yams.

Soooooo I made it through my first big holiday without my family or familiar traditions. It was hard. But God is bigger, much bigger, than a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. So now I just have to make it through Christmas!


cjoy said...

What a great experience - and Happy Thanksgiving (a little late)!

Anonymous said...

Oh I can just imagine how much you miss your family! But you had a good Thanksgiving and your little girl and husband with you :)

Kate said...

Aaah, sounds like a great thanksgiving, well, except for the crying. That's no good. So do you guys have a timeline for how long you'll be in Panama?