I'm Still Here!

But it's been a rough week!  We have a very sick baby who continues to throw up with no explanation!  So we have been dealing with all that!  Plus I'm working very hard on our new church website and on a new design shop website!!!  So I may not be around as much this week, but I'll be back and with lots of exciting stuff to show you!


~*Mistee*~ said...

Hope Anna gets to feeling better soon!!!!

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Nothing worse than a sick baby except a vomiting sick baby. My 3 year old vomits every time he gets sick, even if it's a head cold. The kids a puker, what can I say. Stanley steemer is my best friend. I hope everything gets better soon!

Sarah said...

Aaww, so sorry Anna is sick! I'm praying she gets better soon!