Today is a weird, but neat kind of day. It began with a little extra sleep... as Saturdays are my sleep in day (Eric gets Mondays). Eric popped out of bed right at 7 to get up with Anna, and I was able to rest for another hour. Then, Eric took care of Anna while I did a quick sweep of the house, cleaned up Anna's breakfast mess, and scrubbed the shower. There wasn't nearly as much to clean this Saturday morning because Luci has been keeping things so tidy during the week! After lunch, Eric packed up and headed to Los Mortales with Bert & Veronica, just as the sky turned dark and it started to rain. This entire afternoon it has been dark, thundering, and pouring rain. So fun! Anna and I spent a few hours listening to Chris Tomlin and playing in the family room as the rain came down. Right now she cozy in her room napping, and I have been relaxing on the couch in front of my computer. It is so sweet to have quiet time with my baby girl... and to enjoy the sound of rain on my metal roof. I am cherishing these precious hours.

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