Some guys from No Te Rindas are working at our house this week to build a wooden fence in the front yard. Now that we have a new dog, and a baby whose 2 or 3 steps here and there are bound to turn into real walking any day now, we need to have an enclosed yard. The guys worked so hard yesterday, that I decided I should make them a special treat. So this morning, Eric and I ran to the grocery store to buy a mix to make cupcakes.

So, I braved my crazy Panamanian oven once again, and made 2 dozen cupcakes (funfetti for those interested). I topped each one with vanilla frosting and took them out on a plate. I set the plate down on the planter, but the guys just stared at it. They know I don't speak much spanish, so they called for Eric. When Eric came out, they basically asked "What are those?" They handed him the plate and said he could take it back in the house!!!

Eric explained that they are called cupcakes. He picked one up and showed them that they needed to remove the paper and then take a bite. Each guy picked a cupcake off of the plate and began to eat it, and Eric brought the rest of the cupcakes back inside and told me what was going on. Just as we began to talk, we hear "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" coming from the guys outside. Too funny!

A minute later, one of the guys came to the door and asked if they could have the plate back! They proceded to eat one cupcake after another and make all kinds of "mmmm" noises. When I went out to get the lunch dishes, they all were saying "Muy, muy bien!" " Que Rico!" etc.

They have now experienced cupcakes.

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Paige said...

I love that you introduced those men to cupcakes! You are such a good cook, I bet they were mmmmm good!