Bargain Tuesday!!!

Today, Veronica and I treated ourselves to a full day out in Panama City. We got on the bus in Chorrera at 9am and arrived in time for Albrook Mall to open at 10. We ended up having such good luck that we stayed at Albrook for 6 hours and then decided to head back home! Each of us exhausted the stipend we were given by our husbands- but boy did we get some bargains! Shopping in Panama is one of the best things about living here (after ministering to the people and serving the Lord, of course!)

Vero got two pairs of capris for $1.99 each, and a bunch of shirts for $1.99 - 2.99, as well as a handful of earings. I got a pair of "Lands End" brand workout pants for $.99!!! I also got a great pair of sunglasses for $1.99, a new nightgown for $1.99, a workout top for $2.99, and a really cute top for $4.99. It was really hard to bring myself to spend a whopping 5 bucks on that last shirt... but it was just too pretty and I had to buy it.

All in all, it was a very successful day of shopping! We might have to make this a monthly tradition!
Albrook Mall- foodcourt area

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