Things I Miss

(not necessarily in order of importance)

1. Target- nothing beats a leisurely stroll around target. I always ended up buying way more than what I went there to get!

2. Driving a Car- I used to hate having to get in the car to go somewhere... now I would LOVE to just drive around for 15 minutes! Ah, to have the freedom of owning a car!

3. In N Out- I can almost taste the juicy burger in my mouth. Of course, Eric and I don't burgers or fast food much anymore, but man... what I would do for just one bite of an In N Out burger. YUM!

4. Animal Planet in English- the shows I used to love just don't have the same impact when dubbed in Spanish. Oh well.

5. The Nursery at Church- What a blessing to have a safe place to leave your kid for an hour while you are fed the Word of God. I truly, truly miss listening to Pastor Ray give a sermon.

6. Plastic Parks- Now that Anna is old enough to enjoy a playground, I am so sad that all we have in our neighborhood are broken, rusted, old metal swingsets with missing seats. Playgrounds back home are so plastic, colorful and safe!

7. Applesauce- I absolutely love a bowl of all natural, unsweetened applesauce with a little sprinkling of cinnamon. But, they don't sell it here! At least, I haven't found it yet.

8. Blending in- here, we really stand out. Everywhere we go, people watch us and make comments about Anna's skin, my blue eyes, etc. I miss just blending into the crowd!

9. The English Standard system of measurement- I know I am (was) a science teacher, and should know all the conversions by heart... but come on people, I'm not that much of a geek! I have to do an equation each time I turn on my Celcius oven, make a new recipe, etc. Arg!

10. Family and Friends- of course! This goes without saying! I can't wait to see you guys again!

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