When I Grow Up...

I have absolutely no idea why this came to mind, but I thought I'd post it and humor you a bit. When I was growing up, I wanted to be many things. (Believe it or not, missionary was NOT one of them! Hee Hee)

"When I grow up, I want to be..."

... "a Kentucky Fried Chicken Maker" (4 years old... it's true, ask my mom)

... "a children's book illustrator" (10 years old... I even sent in a bunch of drawings to a publishing company, but surprisingly they didn't buy my work)

... "an astronomer" (11 years old... I have no idea why I wanted to be an astronomer, but my dad even bought me a used telescope and star charts)

... "an archaeologist" (12 years old... I really have no idea why- but I remember being fascinated by Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)

... "an astronaut" (13 years old... I even went by myself to Huntsville, Alabama to attend Space Camp! I know, I know... what a nerd!)

... "a commercial airline pilot" (9th - 10th grade... I joined the Air Force ROTC because I was told the Air Force was the best way to become a pilot (I even wore the AF uniform to HIGH SCHOOL every Tuesday for 2 years)... but after my dad surprised me with a pseudo "flight lesson" at the local airport and I got so sick I almost puked right there in the cockpit mid-flight, I decided against the idea)

... "a veterinarian" (11th grade - freshman year of college... I even chose my school- Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo- because it was such a good animal/agriculture school... but all that came to a tragic end after my second semester of chemistry when I realized that I didn't like school all that much and didn't want to be in it for another 8 years)

... "a nurse" (freshman year of college- right after deciding not to be a vet... but once I realized that my school didn't have a nursing program, I looked for other options.)

... "a nutritionist" (end of freshman year... NO, I'm totally serious. But this only lasted about 1 semester, long enough for me to take a nutrition class and remember that I don't like to eat healthy, exercise, or bleach blond my hair like the rest of my classmates... so I scrapped that idea)

... "a science teacher" (sophomore year of college - last May... sadly this was my last resort. But it turned out to be the right choice, at least for awhile.)

... "a mommy" (Right now! I have finally grown up to be just who I am supposed to be... a stay-at-home-mom-wife-missionary-disciple-of-Christ.)


Brianna Heldt said...

I LOVE this! heehee!

Stacey said...

This is great! How neat that you have all of these things recorded. :)

Stephanie said...

I was there! The Kentucky Fried Chicken Maker is true. I used to ask you all the time because I loved hearing you say it. It was hillarious. It's not like your family even went to that restaurant that often. I think you just knew it was funny and kept saying the line to get a laugh. Good one!
Cousin Steph