Panama Time

Last night I went with Carmen, Vero, and some other ladies we have met, to a christian concert in downtown Chorrera. Well, actually, we went to the little stadium, we didn't actually see or hear any concert. The tickets for the concert said 6pm... so... silly us... we got there at 6pm. The only other people there were the workers, who were literally just starting to put the chairs out. We stood on the sidewalk and talked for awhile. Then Vero and I smelled fresh baked bread and we decided to go in search of the panderia. We got some bread and juice and slowly walked back to the concert. At about 7, when the chairs were finally in place, we took our seats hoping the concert would start soon. By about 7:30, the workers were finally starting to set up the instruments and microphones. By 7:45 Vero, Carmen, and I were getting VERY bored. At 8:00, we'd had enough waiting around and we jumped in a taxi and went for pizza.

This happens all the time. Nothing here starts on time. In fact, an hour late is actually really good! I have no idea what time the concert actually got underway, but we left 2 hours after the "start time". This phenomena is what we affectionately call "Panama Time". It drives me absolutely INSANE! But by the grace of God, I'm learning to just go with the flow instead of getting irritated.

In the end, Panama Time was a blessing, as Carmen, Vero and I had a great time at Leonardo's enjoying being out and having some girl time. I truly love these ladies... they are just hillarious and sincere and godly, and just bless me so much.

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