I MISS . . .

My doggy!

Scarlet enjoys a day on the boat... Bass Lake, July 2005

We got Scarlet from the LA pound on February 7, 2005. We named her Scarlet, because I love the color red... and I wanted to name her Ruby, but Eric vetoed the name because of a bad association with the mean old lady named Ruby who lived next door when he was growing up... or something like that.

Anyway, Scarlet is definitely our FurBaby... pampered in every way. She is a spoiled brat, no question about it... but we love her. She doesn't like kids, or dogs, or really much of anything except eating (human food, that is, not dog food) and laying on the softest thing she can find.

We had always intended to bring Scarlet with us when we came to Panama. Unfortunately, I didn't actually find out how complicated it is to bring a dog into this country until it was too late to file all the necessary documents.So, the next time we visit the U.S. we will arrange to bring Scarlet back with us.

I miss her so much! I can't wait to scratch her cute little head and give her kisses. Mommy misses you Scar Scar!


Andrew & Erin said...

What?!?! Ruby was mean?? I didn't know that! I remember her as this (very) old woman with an orange behive, driving her VW Bug to her waitressing job. Yes, I know, this lady sounds straight out of a movie but she was real :)

Lindsey said...

Eric's Response: "Erin, you were too young to remember her meanness!"