A typical day...

We're finally settling into a daily routine- and I love it!

5:45 am - Rise and Shine!
5:46 am - Take a cold shower (we don't have a water heater) Brrr....
6:00 am - Quiet Time & Eric leaves for team devotionals (which he teaches... in spanish!)
7:00 am - Anna wakes up, eats breakfast & Eric arrives back home
7:30 am - Sweep the entire house, hang the laundry from the late night load (I do one load every night when the city wate comes back on), make baby food, put away dishes, whatever needs to be done & Eric entertains Anna
8:30 am - Go on a walk while Eric gets ready for the day
9:00 am - Eric goes to the office, and we stroll by for a visit when our walk is over
10:00 am - Anna goes down for a nap & I study spanish
11:30/12:00 noon - Anna wakes up and eats lunch
12:00 noon - Eric comes home for lunch
12:30-3:00 pm - Play with Anna, visit with Carmen, go on another walk, watch Baby Einstein, etc. Study spanish if possible.
3:00 pm - Anna goes down for afternoon nap & I sweep the house again, study spanish, tidy up, and prepare Anna's dinner
4:30 pm - Anna wakes up & eats dinner
5:00 pm - Eric comes home, plays with Anna while I start fixing dinner
6:00 pm - Dinner
6:30 pm - Eric gives Anna a bath and a bottle while I clean up dinner
7:00 pm - Anna goes to sleep, Eric goes into his office to prepare and study, and I start the nightly cleaning which includes: sweeping the front porch and driveway, sweeping the side yard, sweeping and mopping the inside of the house, picking up Anna's toys, getting the dried laundry off of the line, folding clothes, and putting away clean clothes. Gathering the laundry and starting a new wash load, putting all the chairs and the stroller safely in the backyard, locking up all the doors. After I clean up, I hop on the bed, post to the blog, check my emails, maybe call my mommy, and read my Joel Rosenberg novel! Whew!
10:30 pm - Nighty night!


Brianna Heldt said...

okay girl you are hardcore! up at 5:45, all the daily cleaning you do, i'm seriously impressed. i'm guessing your spanish will come right along being immersed in a spanish speaking culture!

routines are great, so glad you guys are settling in!

Andrew & Erin said...

Ok, so you're schedule is insane! You get up at 5:45 & take a cold shower (that right there would make me not want to get out of bed), sweep like 30x a day (I think I'll get you a broom for Christmas), study foreign language for fun, and have a child. You make me feel both lazy and high-maintenance at the same time.

How's my favorite neice doing? I think she gets cuter by the day. Tell Eric to call me when he gets a chance. I have an interesting story to tell him about our Dad...

Paige said...

Wow I bet that cold shower really helps you wake up! Brrrr!

It is so great that Eric can help out so much with Anna!