"When This You See, Remember Me"

Recently, while in line at El Machetazo, the Panamanian version of K-Mart, Eric and I met a family from Texas, who recently moved to the nearby town of Arrejan to serve as missionaries. The husband, wife, and two sons, members of a free Baptist church, are learning the language, adjusting to the weather, and just trying to adapt... just like us! It was so neat to meet and talk with another American family, and rejoice that the Lord is sending workers into this harvest of Panama.

Two nights ago, we had the family over for a BBQ. We made good ol' hamburgers, baked beans, and coleslaw. I also decided to take a chance with my crazy Panamanian oven (that's a story for another posting) and bake some chocolate chip cookies from scratch. I was soooooo excited to serve my cookies, because I had been waiting for a chance to use this precious plate given to me by Vicki Wagner. This plate, covered in USA red, white, and blue, decorated with stars and stripes, and the words: "When this you see, remember me" was given to me by the amazing Vicki just days before my departure for Panama. This plate, taken right off the wall of Vicki's kitchen, is extremely significant to me. Not only does it remind me of Miss Vicki, whom I have come to adore over the past few years, but it reminds me of home. It reminds me of my time at Calvary Chapel Santa Fe Springs, of all my dear sisters there, of all that the Lord has done in my life, and for the sweet friendships that He has blessed me with back home.

I know you don't use the internet much Vicki, but hopefully someone will relay this message to you: thank you for the plate... and thank you for giving me a piece of home and for sharing your life with me... and for all my haircuts. I miss you!


Paige said...

Mmm, I would love one of your chocolate chip cookies!

Fox said...

Sorry. Look please here