"And God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water;" Genesis 21:19

This monstrosity is our new water tank. Our backyard, already pretty ugly for lack of any real charm (unless you consider a moldy cinder block wall charming), is now even more unappealing. BUT WHO CARES??? WE HAVE WATER!!!

Well, we don't actually have water yet. We have the tank's outgoing pipe closed so that it can fill... and since the water here is usually absent, and slow moving when present, it is taking a long while to fill the tank. Eric assures me, however, that once it is full, it will be easy to keep it that way. I personally have no clue as to how this works, all I know is there a giant blue tub sitting on an awful metal tower thing, right outside my back door.

Eric, being a typical boy, had to climb the tower the second after the installation guy left.
If this tank does what I hope it will do, then I will consider it a monument rather than a monstrosity. We'll just have to wait and see.


Paige said...

Hope you get some water soon! Is it the rainy season or the dry season in Panama right now?

Lindsey said...

Technically the dry season... but you wouldn't know it by the looks of our very flooded yard. We should have about another month of relatively dry weather... and then it's the rainy season again until Christmas!!!

Andrew & Erin said...

Oh, Eric...why doesn't this surprise me? He always was the climbing kind...Maybe he should've been a monkey. Are there monkeys in Panama? What about green tree snakes?

Mom said...

It will be amazing if you guys get this comment!! Mom