She's on the move!


MAURICE said...

Hooray! GO FOR IT ANNA! Hi guys this is Maurice. If this goes through, I've finally found a way to post comments. It's so good to know you all are doing well as you adapt to your new surround. Hey Eric, it looks like your Calvary Chapel "Pool Boy" experience may already be coming in handy with that water pump. It's amazing to see how our Heavenly Father prepares us in ways that are useful in days to come. Kinda like Moses leading all those sheep in the wilderness prepared him to lead millions of God's Chosen through the desert. What makes it all the more amazing is that although Moses was trained in many sciences through Egyptian schooling (Acts 7:22), the one discipline we can be sure he did not learn was that of a Shepherd, because according to Genesis 46:34, shepherds were an abomination in Egyptian culture (Much like raw fish to Lindsey or White sauces to Eric). Moses had to go through his time of trial to learn the skills needed. Well, God bless you all! I'm praying for you and have my whole men's bible study group praying for you as well. Please keep me in prayer as I am starting to lead the Men's Study at my church on a rotating basis. We're in Daniel now!

Respect to the Maximum,

Andrew & Erin said...

Oh no, here comes trouble!! Soon enough she'll be running and climbing the water tower just like her Daddy :)