An AWESOME recipe blog!

In an attempt to simplify my life a bit here, I decided to find more slow cooker recipes. There is nothing more wonderful than throwing stuff into a crockpot and coming back hours later to serve the dinner! I stumbled upon this blog that has tons of neato recipes for crockpot meals, and wanted to pass it on!


The O'Brien Family said...

Thanks for sharing! Here is a yummy crockpot recipe on my recipe blog too http://whatsfordinneratmyhouse.blogspot.com/2009/01/stuffed-peppers.html

I don't have alot of recipes on there, its just a place for me to organize the meals I have tried and like.

~Truly Tina~ said...
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~Truly Tina~ said...

Thanks for the crockpot recipe blog tip. I grew up on crockpot chicken, but look forward to trying out new recipes. Slow cookers provide such an economical and efficient way of cooking (especially for the busy woman).