A weekend of Awards!!!

I can not even tell you how excited I am to receive these fun blog awards! And this means I get to give some out, which I'm even more excited about!

First, from the beautiful Jade at Momma Wannabe, I received this lovely Uber Amazing Blog Award for my site design! Muchas Gracias Jade!

In return, I'd like to give this blog award out to Reagan at The Adventures of Baby Boy Martin for her amazing blog design which she did herself after recently learning blog design! Great Job!

I also received this I Love Your Blog award from both Miranda at Keeper of the Cheerios and Suzanna at Firefly-Shop! Thank you girls!!! I am so honored!

The best part about receiving this award, is that I am supposed to present it to the 7 blogs I love! This is sooooo hard because I have about 50 that I love, but I wanted to give this award to certain bloggers for different reasons:

1. Brianna at Just Showing Up - she introduced me to the bloggosphere, and she blogs about her life and learning how to be the mom of 4 kids under 5, 2 of whom are adopted from Ethiopia.

2. Sarah at The Eatons In Peru - she inspires me by sharing about her life on the mission field in Peru. They are getting close to opening an orphanage that they have been working on for nearly 2 years (and much longer in theory).

3. Paige at Fun With The Turners - she's funny and sweet and very due any day now with boy #2 had baby boy Luke William literally while I was typing this! Congrats Paigy! Her blog just makes me smile!

4. Kate at Just Another Day In Paradise- she blogs about life and things that I find important, interesting and relateable. AND, she's always got some comment lovin for me!

5. Little Birdie Secrets- okay i don't know this lady or ladies, but they have an incredible blog filled with crafty projects and I visit frequently to get inspired!

6. Lauren at Restored316Designs- not only is this girl incredibly talented, she blogs about families who need prayer... and she just has a caring and compassionate heart!

7. Lindsey at A Kindred Spirit's Thoughts - she blogs about all kinds of stuff, including her adorable baby girl. It's a fun read!


Anniki :) said...

Congrats on the prizes. I haven't been here for long ,but seems you deserve them both :)

Firefly@www.firefly-shop.org said...

Ohhh congrats on both awards you totally deserve them and I should know I give you one :) :)

The Young's said...

Hey Lindsey!! You left a comment on our blog...We're the Youngs on vacation at the beach right now. Thanks so much for commenting on our blog. Yours looks awesome and I'm so glad to make a new blogger friend! I LOVE it that you guys are missionaries. That is AWESOME! My dad has a real heart for that part of the world. I tell him all the time that he needs to just move there! He can't meet or talk about anyone from there without fighting back the tears. Anyway...I look forward to checking out your blog further. It looks awesome!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

Lindsey said...

Oh my word! *blush* Thank you so much, Lindsey! And I was just wondering if it was worth keeping up the blogging - didn't know if people were reading it or not, lol. :-) Thanks for the encouragement! I *heart* your blog, too - I want to give this award back to you!

Reagan said...

WOW....seriously? I feel so honored and undeserving! It needs so much work....I almost feel like I am caught half naked! Thank you for the wonderful award....I couldn't have done it without you! (I am so new at this blog stuff that I hope I know what to do with the award!) You are wonderful!

Kate said...

Congrats to you sweet thing!!! Oh and for heavens sake....what a BIRTHDAY gift, a bloggy award....it's my 2nd, you're a dearie and I am SOO thankful to have "found you"!! Lots of love and thanks from MD, Kari :)

Jade said...

Congrats - you8 totally deserve it. From the moment I saw your blog - I instantly fell in love with it;)

4MalMal said...

thanks for sharing the sites. Now I have more good reads to add to my list :D

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Congratulations! I can't think of anyone that deserves these awards more than you do!

Paige said...

Aw shucks Linds, thanks so much! I love both your blogs especially all your sweet pictures of Anna Grace. =)