Anna's Words...

... in order of appearance...

1. tickle (sounds like tick-a)

2. dog (sounds like d-uh)

3. uh-oh

4. good girl (sounds like guh-gil)
(this is in reference to Scarlet by the way)

5. no (this is my new favorite... yeah good times)

6. thank you (sounds like tay-tuh)

Notice any important missing words... like, I don't know, MAMA for example???


Jungle Mom said...

I saw you on my site meter and came over to say hello!

Paige said...

Anna Grace is such a cutie! When she does finally say mama it will melt your heart!

Erin said...

I bet her next word will be sty-lis-ta. She's awesome.

Yipee~It's Leah said...

How old is Anna Grace? She's adorable! My little Glynis is 14 months and she looks a bit like your sweetie with the blonde curls.