starting your own WAHM business... ever thought about it?

It's so easy to get started selling your bows, personalized baby clothes, jewelry, whatever it is that you make! Here's how!

Step 1: Select a hosting provider. These companies provide you with a website complete with shopping categories, shopping carts, e-commerce solutions, etc. Each company provides similar services... I am most familiar with Pappashop, and know that they offer a site for as little as $10 per month. Providers: Pappashop, MerchantMoms, ShoppePro, Designer218, EcoChic Hosting. (I recommend Pappashop because I have worked with their company before and they are wonderful!)

Step 2: Find a Domain. (www. yourstorename .com) When regestering your business with your selected hosting provider, they will offer to register your domain for you. You'll need to think of a name that is not already taken, and the registration fee for a year is about $10. (to search for a domain that's available you can go to http://www.domain.com/- but I recommend actually registering your domain with your new hosting provider... makes everything easier!)

Step 3: Dress up your site with a gorgeous web template. This is the funnest part! Just check out these adorable sites from Restored316Designs! You simply order your design, and Lauren will customize everything to create a gorgeous store front for your new business!

Step 4: Set up your store! Your hosting provider will give you all the instructions to add items to your store, set up the shopping cart, and begin selling your handicrafts!

Step 5: Tell everyone you know & start selling!

It's so easy, fun & inexpensive to begin your own WAHM business! And you can always email me if you have additional questions, I'd love to help you get started. mommychroniclesblog (at) hotmail (.com)


Restored 316 said...

First of all.. Thank you so much for doing this Lindsey!

Second... I just wanted to add that I also love Shoppe Pro. They are a christian based company and Karina (the owner) responds personally to all support ticket emails. And she's wonderful to work with!

Lindsey said...

Oh great to know! Thanks Lauren!

Firefly@www.firefly-shop.org said...

Those site designers are so cool. You did all of them?