the great dilemma...

What to pack!?  We leave early Monday morning for Costa Rica.  We're taking a small commuter plane from Panama City, and they have a baggage weight limit of 25 pounds per passenger.   Anytime we go anywhere, I ALWAYS pack too much stuff.  But with a toddler, I feel like there's so much we need!  But this trip, we have to go light because once we get off the plane we have to take a bus to the border, cross the border on foot with all our stuff, and take another bus to Golfito where we are staying.  Unfortunately, we have to take the pack-n-play or Anna won't have anywhere to sleep!  So here's my packing list so far:

-baithing suits
-3 days of clothes
-sweatshirts (it gets cool in CR at night)
-2 laptops
-toys for Anna

I'm SURE I'll remember some more things!  How am I supposed to fit all of this stuff?  We can't leave any of it behind!  (My laptop is definitely not optional, lol).  Arg.  Any packing/traveling suggestions to keep it light and simple this time around?  My husband has already warned me that I won't be packing like I usually do.


Sarah said...

Oh good, you are still alive! I can't seem to get ahold of you... Write me, okay?

Brianna Heldt said...

No, no suggestions from me. Because I have NO CLUE how to pack light. At all. And the times I've tried, I've TOTALLY wished I'd brought more stuff!!!!

Maggie said...

I can't think of any suggestions... it looks like your list is already down to the bare bones! =)

Finleypotamus said...

Does the place you will stay at not have towels? You could skip those if so. Also maybe just bring a light stroller like an umbrella stroller if you have one. Can y'all not share a laptop? DH and I usually do when we go on trips. Just some ideas!

Lindsey said...

yeah, I emailed the lady to ask about towels... but no response. Typical for down here!

Meredith said...

Sounds like you've got it down to a fine art! Hope you have a safe journey and that bubs sleeps well for you.

Miranda said...

I really hope this trip you guys have to go on goes well. I also have no idea how to pack light, especially with a toddler! But I think you've got it down to the barest of essentials.