A Surprising Success!

I love to sew... but I have never attempted to make clothes before! My usual projects include quilting, making bags, blankets, pillows, etc. But I decided that I wanted to make Anna's Christmas dress this year. I bought a pattern and some fabric, and spent an entire day trying to read and understand the pattern. After many hours, the dress actually turned out pretty good! It is a little big, but hopefully by Christmas it will fit just right. I am about to start my second dress, and I have a feeling it will go much faster now that I have the pattern figured out! I wonder what kind of fabric I will be able to find in Panama!???


Paige said...

Very cute! You are so talented!

Brianna Heldt said...

what a beautiful dress!!! what a lucky little girl she is to have a mommy that can sew her such pretty things!

Carrie said...

You did such a beautiful job! That dress is gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your talent to sew. I can't even sew on a button. (insert sheepish grin here. LOL!)