My Latest Project

I like to have at least one project going at all times. Usually, I am working on a quilting or sewing project. At the moment, however, I do not have the $ to go buy fabric to start a new quilt, so... I walked around Michael's for awhile trying to think of a fun, yet inexpensive project that I could work on when I have some free time. I like doing crafts, but I don't want to make things just for the sake of making them. I want my projects to have some purpose and usefulness in the real world. So after a nice cruise around the store, I was inspired! I decided to make Anna (and the other future rug rats) a set of fun magnets. I found bins upon bins of small, wooden cutouts... everything from trees, cows, and crocodiles to planes, cars and sailboats. At the jolly good price of 5 for $1.00, I gathered a large collection of objects and creatures, as well as a can of glossy spray finish, and headed home. I already had many paints and brushes at home, so I was able to spend just a little mula and get started on my new project right away. I have finished a few of them, and am very excited about how they are turning out. When Anna is older, I hope she will enjoy using her magnets on the refrigerator, and anywhere else that a magnet will stick! (My mom and I already tried, and magnets will stick to some lamps, the stove, and even the cabinet hardware....... who knew???)


Carrie said...

I LOVE those! What a neat idea! I'm going to have to try that out with my girls.

LOVE your new blog layout! It's beautiful! You did a GREAT job!

Oh- by the way- this is Carriecott from BZ. Just in case you were wondering. LOL!

@ngie said...

Hi! Love the magnet idea! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. You are in for the ride of your life in Panama.


cjoy said...

Thank you for your prayers and sharing the verse on my blog. It really touched my spirit and I was very encouraged by it.

I've been reading your blog this morning...what a beautiful little girl you have!

Paige said...

Those are such cute magnets! I love them!

stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog - your little girl is ADORABLE! And all that hair ... my babies are bald until they are two so I'm a little jealous of the bows you will be using soon! :)